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What Our Clients are Saying About Us…

I will start off by saying I work at a competitor company, but I decided to go to Bella Vita because it was too hard to do the sessions to myself. Very happy! The girls are so sweet and the manager, Donna, I can tell that she really cares about all of her clients. Everyone is extremely professional in the business, yet are very personable at the same time. The session was set in a very relaxing room with a soft and cozy warm massaging bed. Definitely was not expecting a spa setting, so that was a pleasant surprise. They measured me before and after. I lost a total of 2 inches mainly from waist and hips with the first session which is all I have done so far. I actually can see the difference, and my skin feels tighter as well. Then I had 10 minute vibration machine which I think actually did a lot because I could really feel the burn while on it. Am really excited to continue to have more sessions done with them! Just want to mention I do not give anyone 5 stars because no place is perfect and every place has room to improve, however I have absolutely no complaints and am very impressed with the session as well as the all the girls there.

Megan S.

This is AMAZING. I tried it out and I lost weight. I really wanted a fast safe way to lose weight with my schedule of being so busy. This worked perfect for me. In and out and lose weight. I give BellaVita BodyWorks 5 stars not only because of losing weight as promised but also because the employees that work there are so nice. They take the time to really explain everything and they don’t sound repetitive. I felt special there and at ease. I recommend BellaVita to everyone who wants to lose weight fast, safe and easy.

Sarah M.

Tried this new way of losing weight out and i’m blown away. Works great. I see a big difference. I lost pounds and inches off. I spoke with the owner and she is so nice! BellaVita is the way to go. I definitely give this place 5stars because not only how good it works but the costumer service. I recommend this place to everyone. Thanks!

Jenny R.

Customer service is fantastic! Explained everything in detail and their so nice and make you feel so comfortable. Lost weight and very happy with my look. Can’t believe it was that easy. I will be back for more sessions. Telling all my family and friends.

Linda H.

!!!5 Stars!!! Amazing experience. Lost weight as advertised and costumer service is a A+. I have had hard times losing weight in certain areas on my hips and Bella Vita really did the job. I can see a big difference and I feel great. Thanks Bella Vita.

Tracy R.

Very well pleased. I can’t believe there is negative feedback on here. My experience was awesome! The session was great. The Owner and the employees are so nice and knowledgeable. They make you feel so comfortable and at ease. I lost weight and am so happy! I will definitely be back and will also bring my best friend who wont believe it till she tries it. And I know after she will thank me so much! Thanks BellaVita BodyWorks!!!

Stacey L.

This place is fantastic. My friend told me about this place and she was losing weight so easily. So I decided to try it out. Amazing!! They explain everything in detail. I had few questions and all were answered and put me at ease. I am telling all my friends and coworkers. I wish this place was around long time ago. I give this place 5 stars!! Simply best place to lose weight.

Kelly C.

This place is amazing!!! from the staff and the services all the way to the decor!! I lost 5 inches in total on my first session and I ended up buying a 6 pack of sessions at a GREAT price! This is much safer than Lipo and more affective and CHEAPER! I bought a Groupon and now I’m hooked! I would recommend it to ALL of my friends and family that wanna lose those extra inches that they cannot seem to get rid of! Thank You BellaVita Body Works.. You changed my life! I feel more sexy and confident and my husband is noticing too! our marriage is more spicy now that I have my confidence back! all thanks to you! Give it a try for yourself and see what you think… much better than ANY other session I have EVER tried! Love you ladies

Dani S.

I am very satisfied with the results of my sessions. I lost 7 4/16 inches in 7 sessions. I can throw away my sz. 10 to12 pants for an 8. The ladies that work there are all professional and encouraging! I followed their detox plan, drank the water and lost weight before I started the sessions. It was well worth my money and I do recommend this plan. I had previous done the lipo-suction route and this is better and with smoother results.

Gloria W.

Thought about this for a while before I tried it but wasin a rut I couldn’t bust out of. The people at BellaVita BodyWorks are so nice and supportive and I really appreciate that. They just insist on clients making their appointments and being committed to working the program. I did what they told me to do and when I looked at my before and after pictures I was astounded. I had really lost fat in all the places I had been concentrating on. Yay for BellaVita BodyWorks helping me to do that.

Marcie M.

SEE IT AND BELIEVE IT! I came in to redeem my Groupon purchase for $99. and boy was I amazed! The $750. value is not a lie it’s an understatement! Holy Moly! I have tried everything from diet pills and exercise (hundreds of dollars on a gym membership), to every skinny and weight loss gimmick out there (including lunch-time lipo). I have never found anything that works this well and this fast!At first I was skeptical because it was only $99, but I am so glad I tried it. The owner Donna was a real sweetheart and truly cared not only about my experience, but my results – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

I have not had that anywhere else I have gone, but I didn’t need it because it truly works! Not only did I lose the guaranteed 2 inches in the first session, I lost 4! And others that were there the same day, lost almost 8 and 9 inches on their first time! It’s truly amazing considering I barely had to do anything to lose it – they do all the work. All you have to do is detox the week before and then go in for your appointment – PLUS it’s totally legit! They measure you right before your session AND right after! No special tricks or anything – it was really confirmed in my mind when even my skeptical husband noticed a difference :) Don’t be discouraged by any negative hater reviews (which don’t even sound close to what I experienced), probably just the competitors that lost my business trying to level the playing field – in their dreams! Wait until everyone else finds out about this place – it’s a best kept secret for now but not after I tell all of my friends! Finally excited about summer!

Nicki M.

AMAZING PLACE and GREAT TREATMENT! Absolutely the BEST! experience I have ever had. Boy do I feel GREAT ! for getting this weight loss session. I’m writing this to let the people who truly want to lose weight and tried everything or even just want to lose a few pounds.

1) You walk in and the place is wonderful. It’s clean a nd gives you a comfortable feeling.
2) Employee and Owner are very nice and are very knowledgeable. They explain the whole process clearly and effectively and make sure you understand the whole process. So I felt very confident in this session which works Wonders! I lost like 8 pounds in only 2 sessions!!
3) This place beats out going to the gym where its over crowded and most times gym equipment is taken. Also don’t have to deal with rude employees. I have a few bone bruises which don’t allow me to lift heavy so this session worked perfect for me since I am now thinner and feel great without having to work out as much.

In Conclusion: I believe the owner has invested in a great session and program. I wish I knew about this place a long time ago. I will continue to go here and lose pounds like magic without any side effects. God Bless this place

Sam K.

Lipo-LightBeing a full-time model, I have to keep in shape and watch what I eat, so diet and exercise are an important part of my daily routine. Even so, I have stubborn areas which o matter how intensive my routine is I would like to firm up. Lipo-Light now does that for me. Before a shoot, just a couple of sessions has my body looking great for the camera.

Jane, the Model

Like many women I suffer from a slow metabolism. While I exercise on a regular basis and follow a healthy diet, it’s sometimes frustrating that my efforts are slowly rewarded. Lipo-Light has helped to reduce my fluid retention and that’s the holy grail for all women – how to lose inches from hips, waist and tummy, when trying to get into that little black dress.”

Nicola, the Mum

Have had 3 sessions and have lost more than 11inches. The staff is very friendly and very professional. I tried to lost inches and body weight over the years without success. This session is a total winner. would recommend it to everyone.

Kirk C.

This place is great, very good service and happy atmosphere. The employees and owner make you feel very comfortable and welcome. My results with the UltraSlim sessions were more than satisfying, I’ve gone down 3 dress sizes with only four sessions. The guarantee of 2 inches lost on the first session was easily met, as I lost over 4 inches collectively! I always look forward to going in for my sessions.

Jannette R.

I can’t say enough good things about this service. You will be more than satisfied with your results! The owner has a heart of gold!

Tammy K.








I’m 60 years old and my hips hurt. My hips quit hurting almost instantly. I’m in much better shape and I don’t hurt anywhere. At my yearly physical the bone density test showed more bone growth than the physician could account for with the medications I was taking. The only new event in my life was this new machine with vibration technology.

Dorothy M.

I am a huge fan of the vibration machine for many reasons. It’s convenient and efficient to use-you can feel it working and can measure your progress easily. It has also done wonders for specific health ailments namely degenerative joint disease of both knees and varicose veins. If you suffer from either of these you know how chronically painful they can be. Since purchasing the machine, the pain from the varicose veins is gone and my knee pain has dramatically decreased. I can’t say enough about the Magic Fit!

Ndreas A.

After using the vibration exercise machine for about 7 months now, I can say is that I have noticed significant improvements in my circulation and immune system. Despite the cold and flu season being around I did not suffer one bout of the flu which I normally get annually. I certainly feel more energetic. I would definitely recommend this for having at home to use as for only 10 minutes a day you can literally change your health for the better!

Donna C.

In December 1996, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. M.S. is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system. I have experienced increased difficulty with my ability to walk, and began using a cane full time in April of 2007. I began using Vibration exercise in November of 2007, since that time, I feel like I have more energy and my right leg seems to be stronger.

Caroline S.

I have found this machine an easy piece of equipment to integrate into our conditioning and prevention protocols. The players feel that it helps them to lift better before Olympic lifting, and it is used as part of our prevention/proprioceptive circuit before training.

John S.

As a physical therapist, I have utilized whole body vibration sessions for over a decade, primarily to build bone density in the session of osteoporosis. I was not aware of the other benefits and I admit I was skeptical. After using vibration exercise machine for 4 weeks, I am impressed. I believe it aids in the elimination of lactic acid, strengthens the intrinsic muscles of the pelvis, face and neck. I use it to strengthen the knees and quads for snowboarding.

Cecelia T.